Monday, February 6, 2017

Black History Month: THEO PARRISH

Theo Parrish
Theo Parrish was born in Washington DC in 1972 and raised in Chicago, IL. He grew up listening to jazz, taking a liking to Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and George Gershwin. After graduating from the Chicago Academy of the Arts, he continued his studies at the Kansas City Art Institute with a focus on combining live instruments with human voices and looped samples. Once he received his Bachelors Degree in ’94, he moved to Michigan to start his music career.

Established since the late 90s in the Techno world, he dropped the “minimal” release, “First Floor” on Peacefrog Records. in 2000 he followed it up with a full length album he titled “Parallel Dimensions and released on his own Sound Signature label. "Sound Sculptures Volume 1" and "Et Tu Brute" both followed  a few years later in 2007. A standout tune from "Sound Sculptures" is "The Rink" which became a staple in many DJs sets around the US. His latest album, "American Intelligence" was released in 2014 to much acclaim. 

Theo Parrish is just as renowned for his multi genre DJ sets as he is for his releases. And his experience in the studio has helped Theo craft some of the best re-edits and new versions of disco, funk, and soul classics. His reputation for party rocking landed him a monthly residency at the now closed London staple nightclub, Plastic People. Theo Parrish has created his own lane in the genre of Techno and you can hear the influence of jazz, funk, and soul in his music. Catching his live DJ sets is a bucket list item of many house music fans around the globe and Theo does not disappoint.

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