Thursday, February 2, 2017

Black History Month: Marshall Jefferson

Marshall Jeffersion

Marshall Jefferson was born in Chicago in 1959. He is regarded by some as the father of house music. Marshall was into hard rock in the 1970s like many people who disregarded the commercial disco sound. But in ’83 when he was first introduced to The Music Box club in Chicago, he was exposed to Ron Hardy, Jesse Saunders, and Jamie Principle who were experimenting with the new warehouse sound. 

His first single, “Go Wild Rhythm Trax” was released on Virgo in 1985. He was also working as a producer at Universal Recording Studios in Chicago where he met Larry Sherman, founder of Trax Records. For those of you who are familiar with early house 12” releases, you may be fond of the bright red & white Trax labels on releases such as Move Your Body (The House Music Anthem)* which was Jefferson’s most popular smash and the first house song based around use of the piano. Acid-House became the genre Jefferson was known for producing with such artists as Phuture (DJ Pierre, Spanky, and Herb J), Cece Rogers, and Ten City.  Phuture's “Acid Trax,” produced by Jefferson became one of the most important records in the history of house music. But it didn’t take long for Marshall Jefferson to get bored with the genre Acid-House. He soon teamed up with another legend, Larry Heard and began a new, spiritual era of dance music, Deep House. 

He has released music under the aliases Jungle Wonz, Virgo, Truth, and On The House. Solidified as one of the cornerstones of house and electronic music, Marshall is now living in Manchester, UK. His classic tunes are still being reworked, remixed, and played at festivals and huge clubs around the world.

*Although the re-release of "Move Your Body" says it's presented by Frankie Knuckles, Marshall himself clarified that it was a move by the label to sell more records.

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