Friday, February 17, 2017

Black History Month: KERRI CHANDLER

Kerri Chandler
Kerri Chandler hails from East Orange, NJ. He grew up privileged to have a rich experience with music having a DJ as a father. Getting schooled at an early age on the origins of disco, soul, and the NYC underground garage sound, he played his first DJ gigs at age 13 at the Rally Racquet Club in his home town of East Orange. By the next year, a 14 year old Kerri would begin interning in recording studios and producing his first music. He released his first single entitled “SuperLover/Get It Off” back in 1990 and licensed it to Atlantic Records in 1991.

He founded Madhouse Records the following year in 1992 and began releasing various projects beginning with the Panic EP. Even though he was running his own label by then, he continued to release music on other labels. One of which was the “Atmosphere EP” on Shelter Recordings in 1993. Kerri “Kaoz 6:23” Chandler kept busy dropping several releases between 1994 and ’95 including the “Ionosphere” EP,  the “Finger Printz” EP, and a collaboration with Arnold Jarvis entitled “Inspiration”. in 1996, he released the acclaimed Trionisphere Parts I and II on the iconic King Street label. 

Kerri established himself in the 90s house era as a soulful, groovy beacon of light in the underground without compromising himself for commercial success. Because of this, his music fits perfectly everywhere from house party basements in NYC to outdoor jams in South Africa and festival stages in Europe. Known for his innovation with technology as a producer, DJ, and vocalist, he constantly digs back into his upbringing around traditional African American music. Kerri remains focused on the positive vibes of soulful house music and is known to put his spirituality first, praying before making each record. He’s in tune with how his free spirit affects each song he develops, intentionally creating loose, funky grooves instead of the mechanical repetition many dance music producers create. With half a dozen+ widely played releases every year from 1995 - the present, it would be impossible to say Kerri hasn’t captured the vibe that audiences crave around the globe with his records. And his collaborative works with such artists as Roy Ayers and Dennis Ferrer have become certified dance classics. 

Kerri Chandler has recorded, produced, and remixed under the names: A Night With Dick, Creative Violence, Erik Launcher, Koaz, Kaoz 6:23, Kamar, Matrix, Panic, Paper Mache, S. Darling, The Ruff House Boys, and Three Generations. Groups he’s appeared in include, Afro Elements, Art of Origin, Bassmental, Gate-Ah, Jerome Sydenham & Kerri Chandler, Stratosphere, The Songstress, Third Generation and more. With a discography so long, 10 posts would barely scratch the surface, we’ll just recommend our top 3 favorite Kerri productions and suggest you explore the rest of his catalogue HERE

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